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Direct Trade is a well-intentioned concept, however, it doesn’t always run smoothly. In fulfilling the success of cooperation between two different parties, it is necessary to “cost” in its implementation. The costs referred to can be in the form of money, time and energy. If one of these three elements is absent, then the journey is stumbling.

This review on the performance of Direct Trade in Indonesia has been discussed a little in an article entitled, “Nine Myths about the Development of Typical Coffee Farmers (Specialties), written by: Angga Dwiartama, Dianny Faila SH, Jeffrey Neilson, and Mark Vicol. In the article, it is stated that, “Relationship coffee is a form of relationship between coffee buyers (roaster) and farmers which usually involves personal interaction, trust, price transparency, and commitment to quality improvement and farmer welfare.” Dulur can read this article for yourself. adding insight.

This form of cooperation, if successful, is of great benefit to both parties. For example, Ijen Lestari himself. We’ve done sales of greenbeans to many people, and what’s most impressive about that activity is finding people to communicate with. This communication, although the diction is trivial, has great value, namely listening to each other. Because by doing so, the needs of each party will be fulfilled by the other. So that mutual support and mutual preservation.

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