Study Suggests Coffee Reduces Risk Of Death

Coffee Desserts
A recent study makes some very bold claims about the benefits of drinking coffee. John Iadarola and Adrienne Lawrence break it down on The Damage Report.

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Coffee, the healthy indulgence

“Coffee is one of life’s rarest gifts: a pleasure that’s good for you.

Why it matters: Most things we indulge in — desserts, cocktails, fried food — aren’t the healthiest for us. But coffee is like a delicious cup of caffeinated medicine.

Oh, let us count the ways it helps us. It…

Lengthens your life.
Reduces the risk of dementia.
Reduces the risk of stroke and heart failure.
Protects against Type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer and liver disease.
Boosts your mood, especially during wintertime when we have fewer hours of daylight.
The big picture: What surprised us most about coffee’s benefits is that they seem to apply to all sorts of coffee drinkers.”


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