Making a Crankbait from Coffee Beans. Columbian Coffee Fishing Lure #fishinglures #luremaking

I thought I would do something a little off the beaten path. Making a fishing lure from coffee beans is not something I thought I would ever do but, here we go!

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Lure Parts:
Bargain Lure Eyes:
Spinner Wire:
Bulk Wire (I use the 174lb):
SS Straight Wire:

Stainless Steel:
.022in sheet:

Sulfur Free Clay:
Mold Making Silicon:
Bargain priced silicon:
Smooth-on fast:
Smooth-on oomoo 30:
Specialty resins’ mold silicon:

Casting Resin
Specialty Resins’:
Alumilite white:
Micro Balloons Alumilite:

UV resin:

Moldable Thermoplastic:

Super Glue (may favorite size):
Larger size super glue:
Super Glue accelerator:
Spray on glue:

Paint Sealer, Mid-Coat:
Minwax Polycrylic:
Floor Wax:

Spray on Cleat Coat:
Krylon outdoor clear:
2K Automotive Clear small batch:

Clear coat 2-part resins:
Amazing quick coat:
East coast resin:
Good lower coast alternative:

Chrome spray:
Looking Glass:

UV Lamps
UV LED Nail lamp
Basic UV nail lamp
UV Spot light:

Terminal Tackle
Treble hooks:
Size 14 snap swivel:
Small swivel:
Willow blades:

Economy beginner airbrush:
Full setup:
Beginner airbrush:
Iwata Revolution:
Iwata high performance:
Texture stencil:

Fly Tying Stuff:
Excellent fly tool starter kit:
Flu tying materials kit:

Badger ghost tints:
Createx paint set:
Excellent high quality paint set:

Powder Paints:
Mica powder/powder pigments:
Welch Lure colors:

Measuring tools:
Basic mini gram scale:
Larger gram scale:
Basic digital calipers:

Hand Tools:
Hemostat set:
Twisting pliers:
Hand drill:
Wire bend pliers:
Twistech wire former:
Sanding sponges:
Sanding Board:
Flush cut saw:
Coping Saw:
Mini plier set:
Wire cutters:
Sanding Buffs:

Power Tools:
Drill bits:
Wen Belt sander:
Pistol grip rotary tool:
Light duty cordless drill:
Benchtop drill press
Heat Gun:

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