How to use PHILIPS l’or barista coffee machine + Starbucks coffe Colombia

The L’Or Barista Premium capsule machine from Philips. The only capsule machine on the market capable of preparing two espressos at the same time or a double espresso thanks to the new XXL exclusive L’Or Barista capsules. Finally a capsule machine capable of doubling your caffeinated pleasure. This intelligent machine automatically recognizes the inserted capsule, it differentiates between single capsules and XXL capsules. This Philips machine works with Nespresso compatible capsules and L’Or double espresso capsules.

Philips and L’Or have collaborated to offer you a machine incorporating all the technology and know-how of Philips and the extraction quality of L’Or.

Intelligent, designed and innovative, this machine is a revolution in the capsule machine market. It is the only capsule machine capable of performing a double extraction. Double your caffeinated pleasure by making two single espressos, a double espresso or a long coffee rich in aromas in one go.

The L’Or Barista Premium capsule machine has a modern, elegant and minimalist look. Its high-end body is in piano black and metal finishes.

Philips collaborated with award-winning designer, Khodi Feiz, to design this L’Or Barista capsule machine. Like this designer, the result is pure, elegant and efficient.

It has a simple interface on the top of the machine. Direct access backlit buttons allow you to choose the model of your choice (power, espresso, lungo, double espresso).

This Philips L’Or Barista Gris Mat machine is equipped with major innovation. It is the first capsule machine on the market equipped with a double extraction nozzle.

You can double your coffees by making two espressos at the same time to share an excellent cup with the person of your choice. This system also allows you to extract a double espresso, for maximum pleasure thanks to the exclusive XXL L’Or Barista capsules. These L’Or Barista double espresso capsules contain twice as much coffee as a classic L’Or capsule.

This machine is designed to work with single L’Or Nespresso® compatible capsules and the new L’Or Barista XXL capsules. Easy to use, this L’Or Barista machine from Philips has automatic recognition of the inserted capsule. The recognition of the capsule format allows it to adapt the infusion and the quantity of water necessary to achieve an exceptional extraction.

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L’OR Barista LM8018 / 90 Máquina de Café com Cápsula Latte – Piano Black

L’OR Barista LM8012 / 60 Máquina de cápsulas de café Piano Black

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