Coffee Beans Pour!


I am making coasters with coffee beans. I want to make larger projects with coffee beans and epoxy like serving trays and coffee tables. I hope people buy these. If not, it will still be fun making them. Does anybody like this idea? I want to make more tables and sell them on my website. I make woodwork projects as part of my business. I try to get as much work as I can to work in my shop. I have a wood shop at my house. It is really nice working from home. I do some projects out in people houses, but not as much since I am TikTok famous and I get lots of sales from TikTok. The internet is amazing the reach I can get to people to sell my woodwork. I was not sure how well it would do, but I did research on how to do better social media, and I learn a lot from experience. I want to continue to grow my woodwork business, and sell lot of my woodwork. It would be nice to have a bigger jointer for some larger projects. I would also like to have a CNC machine to flatten larger tables, but they cost a lot of money. I am not sure I have the space for that either. Thank you for reading this if anybody did, but I doubt it.

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