Snowfall on Window in Coffee Shop Bookstore Ambience with Relaxing Jazz Music & Crackling Fireplace

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Snowfall on Window in Coffee Shop Bookstore Ambience with Relaxing Jazz Music & Crackling Fireplace

Book cafe on a winter night. The cozy space covers the cafe, the space is neatly arranged. Small windows open up to a chilly natural setting, soft sofas and a few accessories are accidentally placed on the floor. However, there are harmonious relationships between them. Snow fluttered by the windowpane, they huddled together to make the window patchy and wet. The fireplace crackled, the fireplace placed in the corner of the house attracted the attention of guests because of its coziness. The coffee space has some soaring bookshelves, creating the feeling of being in the middle of an ideal library space. Relaxing jazz music sounded from somewhere, covering the coffee space. Hot drinks are served and the latte is steaming. Walking around the tall bookshelves, the thick books exude charm. Do you like book coffee space like this? Just enjoy delicious drinks, warm space and enjoy good books. The jazz music in the cafe is still playing, grab a book of your choice and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. There seems to be nothing better than being in this space and time slowing down.

Cozy cafe space, cozy Jazz music, hot fireplace and fragrant roasted coffee. Sit down on a chair of the cafe sipping a cup of hot coffee, the scent of smoke and Jazz music drifting in the cup. Swallow the wordless melodies and gradually draw your own story. All are pieces that create a perfect space for both study or even stress relief. Happiness comes from the smallest things. We can create our own happiness every day by visiting a book cafe to listen to music and relax reading our favorite books.
A day passes like a moment because Jazz music fascinates the soul or because they are so poetic that time seems to stop. That’s what Cozy Coffee Shop wants to convey to you.
Wish you have moments of relaxation and comfort.

📖 Storyline:

” The sudden rain in the winter night made me sleepless, the snow was very heavy, the whole city that was once brilliant was now covered with white snow. The trees covered with snow could not see any green leaves. The weather these days is especially cold, this city makes me feel lonely and empty. Around only the corner of my room was lit, the whole world fell into a deep sleep. I sat down by the fireplace and watched with amusement the burning wood, the fireplace making a very low hum. The bright fire warms people’s hearts in the cold of the harsh winter. In my fifth year away from home, I seem to have gotten used to waiting for each winter to pass. Every year it is very cold and it snows non-stop. On days like that, I just like to find myself a warm space. I began to picture the scene of a coffee shop in winter, the smell of coffee makes people feel good. There is also the warmth of the fireplace and especially a royal librarian placed right inside the cafe. That’s probably the best thing to get through this winter’s cold. That dreamy space appeared shimmering in front of my eyes.…” The story continued.

The above story is fictitious and written for entertainment purposes only.

Both the cozy coffee atmosphere and the best music for the cafe are created by us. It is relaxing jazz music and the sound of ASMR crackling fireplace, falling snow, etc. They have the effect of reducing stress, fatigue and increasing concentration. Please hit the follow button and leave a share in the comment section, Cozy Coffee Shop thanks for that.

☕Cozy Coffee Shop is a channel dedicated to you to touch happiness, support you to relax, study, work, sleep well, relieve stress, create a feeling of light refreshment and those things will help you calm down, mental state as well as helping you to be creative and productive. On our channel you can find jazz or bossa nova for almost any occasion.
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