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Mr Black Dessert is something I knew I needed, but wasn’t sure how. Enter, Tiramisu. Not just any Tiramisu, the most silky, rich, boozy, perfect Tiramisu EVER. This is how I remember tiramisu as a kid- a simple combination of coffee and mascarpone. No whip cream, no biscotti, (I’m looking at you, @Martha Stewart )

Also, I love Martha Stewart- no really, I do. The woman is a legend, and I genuinely hope I can meet her some day. Partially to genuflect, partially to pick her brain on brand building, and partially to ask why in god’s name she adds broken up bits of biscotti to the creamy filling of Tiramisu. I’m just not over it (clearly), and this video is my own path to catharsis and healing after the trauma of watching Martha bastardize a family favorite. Or maybe it was just an excuse to make three Tiramisu in three days. Don’t judge me… the recipients of aforementioned Tiramisu had no complaints.

Adding Mr Black Coffee Liqueur is something new to the old family recipe. Mr Black is the perfect marriage of coffee and liquor. This traditional Italian dessert uses both, so using Mr. Black instead of coffee is a no brainer. I cannot recommend this enough. Unfortunately, Khalua or Tia Maria is not a good substitute for Mr. Black. Mr Black tastes like black coffee or espresso… so in it’s absence, I recommend simply using good coffee.

GET THE RECIPE: https://www.savidgekitchen.com/recipes/tiramisu

This video really was fun to do, simply because I have so many happy memories of sitting around a dinner table with my Nana and the Aunties having wonderful lady finger desserts and coffee. So Nana, this is for you!!! I can’t wait to come visit and have coffee with you again! xoxox

00:00 Easy Authentic Tiramisu Recipe
00:50 Please don’t tell @SnoopDoggTV
02:22 Ingredients for Tiramisu
04:25 Yet another egg cracking debacle
05:33 Making the filling for Tiramisu
10:12 Using a Springform Pan for Tiramisu
11:15 How to soak lady fingers for Tiramisu
12:45 Layering Tiramisu
14:25 how long to chill Tiramisu
15:08 Tiramisu Topping
15:49 How to remove cake from springform pan
17:56 What does Tiramisu taste like

07:12 A (hilarious) note on the butchering of Italian words: https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/how-capicola-became-gabagool-the-italian-new-jersey-accent-explained


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