ASMR – Finest Dessert Consultation Roleplay

Coffee Desserts
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A huge thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring the video and I hope it’s a video that you all enjoy! I know food related roleplays aren’t for everyone but I know some of you really like them.

I was considering cutting out about 15 minutes of footage with the little cream in my beard but I decided to let it roll 😀 He’s not as serious as some of the prior tasting characters and it eventually disappears hahah.

If you want to know what I do for a living, I made a not so serious video about it 😀

If you have any questions, chances are I’ve answered them in my 10k Q/A 😀
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ASMR is essentially a made up acronym (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ) used to describe that tingly / buzzing feeling you may have experienced in your head or running down your spine. The sensation can be triggered by personal attention, tutorials, sounds etc. If you are discovering “ASMR” videos for the first time, their primary purpose is just to relax and almost always to send the listener to sleep.

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