Riffing The White Russian – Tiger Chilled Coffee and the Pelican

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Today’s video started with a viewer request to cover the Tiger Chilled Coffee from Dutch Kills, which is for lack of a better description, a riff on not only a White Russian but on the Dominicana we covered a few weeks ago. But as I did research on this drink for the video I realized it gave birth to another (more polarizing drink) called a Pelican and we decided that we couldn’t cover one riff and not the other. These drinks all come from the same New York City Bar family starting with Milk & Honey in the early aughts. So to close out the cold season we’re bringing you the last of the stirred drinks featuring heavy cream.

The Tiger Chilled Coffee was Adapted from the South American Gentlemen’s Companion by Charles H. Baker by the talented bartenders at Dutch Kills. Dutch kills is a bar in Long Island City opened by Sasha Petraske around 2010 and part of the Milk & Honey Family. Interestingly Dutch Kills is the ancestral name of Long Island City which was settled by the Dutch in 1643.
The bar follows the same Speakeasy template created by Petraske and emulated by most of the bars he’s opened over the years.

The Pelican was created by bartender Andrew Rice at Attaboy in New York City around 2015. Not only is Attaboy part of the same Milk & Honey bar family, it actually resides inside the old Milk & Honey space on Eldridge street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It was opened in 2012 by Milk & Honey Alums Michael McIlroy and Sam Ross.

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00:00 Teaser
00:08 Intro
00:23 Open
00:32 The Set-up
01:35 Tiger Chilled Coffee
03:08 Tasting Notes
05:00 Recipe
05:08 The Pelican
06:47 Tasting Notes
08:22 Recipe
08:26 A Couple of Notes
09:56 How do we end this video?
10:15 Thank you patreon and members
10:40 …It doesn’t
11:59 Bloops

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Tiger Chilled Coffee
1oz (30ml) Dark Rum
.5oz (15ml) Hamilton Jamaican Dark
.5oz (15ml) Cinnamon Syrup
.25oz (7.5ml) allspice Dram
Sweetened Heavy Cream
Absinthe spritz

The Pelican
1oz (30ml) Fernet Branca
1oz (30ml) Fernet Menta
1oz (30ml) Cafe Lolita
Whipped Cream Float
Stir/Strain/ Coupe

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