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Coffee Desserts
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ONLY 3 simple ingredients! This Coffee dessert just takes 3 mins to prepare! Besides, it is vegan and sugar-free! So guilt-free!

How to make a coffee that you can eat?
250 ml coffee (1 cup)
20 ml coconut milk
2 gms agar-agar (1 tsp)

250 मिली कॉफी (1 कप)
20 मिली नारियल का दूध
2 ग्राम अगर-अगर (1 चम्मच)

250 مل قهوة (1 كوب)
20 مل حليب جوز الهند
2 جرام أجار أجار (1 ملعقة صغيرة)

250 ml koffie (1 koppie)
20 ml klappermelk
2 g agar-agar (1 teelepel)

❤️ the secret ingredient is always love ❤️

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