How to Analyze Light to Dark Roasted Coffee Beans using a Lighttells Photometer – Agtron Scale

Firstly, why do we need to analyze our roasted coffee beans and the variations between light roasted and dark roasted coffee? The simple answer to that is to monitor and maintain roasting consistency week in and week out.

Using the Lighttells photometer to analyze both our roasted whole bean as well as ground coffee provides us with the information we need to track our roasted beans. The Lighttells analyzer helps us classify roasting degree or the delta between whole bean and ground to get better understanding of the roasting curve and roasting result for better quality control.

The measurements we take are the same as Agtron measurements using “Gourmet” scale. The Agtron scale is the most commonly used reference scale for roast color classification. We record our results in a spreadsheet that we can quickly refer to and track what we are doing.

In this video Luke talks through exactly what we do and he gives you a demonstration of the Lighttells analyzer. If you have any questions about or roasting process or how we analyze our beans make sure you drop a comment below.

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Download our Agtron Roast Colour Chart –

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