Healthy Desserts you can make in like 10 Minutes! (vegan + lazy)

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Hi and welcome back! Today’s video features 6 delicious vegan desserts that are low key kind of healthy?? ✨ btw check out Squarespace :
These treats can be made in such a short amount of time, in around 10 -ish minutes. Some are even quicker to make than that, some take a lil bit longer, but overall these desserts are all very much low effort and really yummy ideas I would say:
Healthy Chocolate Tahini Frosting/Fudge Balls, some Pumpkin Cheesecake-like Dip, Hidden Vegetable Lava Cakes, A Healthier Caramel Sauce, Stove Top Cherry Crisp and Crispy Apple Rice Paper Bites with a super yummy spiced cashew sauce! So good. Tag me in your recreation photos! I’m @mina_rome on Instagram

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#1 Tahini Chocolate Frosting/Fudge Bites

3 tbsp white tahini
2 ¼ tbsp unsweetened cocoa, more if needed
2 tbsp liquid sweetener (date, rice, maple syrup)
1 pinch of salt
a few drops vanilla aroma (or ½ tsp vanilla extract)

1-2 tbsp cocoa powder or shredded coconut to roll your bites in, if desired

→ freeze for 10 minutes for a thick chocolate frosting / dip
→ freeze for at least 20 min for chocolate balls (around 30 min is best I’d say, but that depends on your freezer! 1 hour max)
→ store in the fridge!
→ yields 5 balls, serves 1 – 2

#2 Stove Top Cherry Crisp

for the topping:
1 1/2 tbsp cashew/almond butter
1 ½ tbsp vegan butter
3 tbsp coconut sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
¼ tsp salt
a handful of almonds, chopped
⅔ small cut oats (60g)
1 tbsp ground flax seeds

for the filling:
2 cups frozen cherries (300g)
1 tsp cornstarch
2 tbsp water

→ serves 3
→ vegan yogurt, ice cream, cream … for serving

#3 Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip

2 tbsp vegan cream cheese
1 tbsp pumpkin purée (or to taste!)
a dash or two of cinnamon or pumpkin pie seasoning
2 tsp maple syrup

2 rice cakes, some fruit or vegan cookies to serve this with

→ serves 1-2

#4 Coffee Caramel Sauce

1 cup soy/oat/coconut cream or full fat coconut milk (250ml)
a generous pinch of salt
1 tsp vanilla
50g + 1 tbsp coconut sugar (¼ cup + 1 ½ tbsp)

optional: 3 tbsp strong coffee or 1-2 tsp instant coffee powder

→ bring to a boil, then let simmer together for 10-15 min over medium heat
→ serve with some fruit, vegan yogurt, coconut ice cream …
→ serves 4 as a sauce (keeps in the fridge for 4 ish days)

#5 Beetroot Lava Cakes

1 1/2 cups spelt flour (180g)
½ cup ground almonds (55g)
½ cup coconut sugar (115g)
3 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp espresso/coffee powder
1 tsp baking powder
⅓ tsp salt
⅓ cup sunflower seed oil (80ml)
100g dark chocolate, cut into chunks (3.5oz)
1 beet, pre cooked (bought it pre-cooked already)
1 ½ cups non dairy milk (375ml)

→ also oil for greasing the pans and/or muffin liners
→ this is a bit more effort, but, for a cleaner look I ended up first oiling the muffin molds and then laying them out with 2 (about 12 cm long) strips of parchment paper, adding them in a cross pattern to be able to lift them out easily after baking
→ serve them RIGHT AWAY if you want the melty lava cake experience, otherwise the centre will be still fudgy, but perhaps not liquid anymore
→ yields 11-12 cakes

Chocolate Melting:
Either use the microwave (microwave the chocolate for 30 sec, stir the chocolate, repeat until melted) OR place the bowl inside the preheating oven for about 5 min or until about half the chocolate has been melted. Then take out the bowl carefully. Leave it on your countertop and let it sit for a few extra min, then stir until melted fully. Or use a waterbath? I always end up getting water in my chocolate then tho.

#6 Rice Paper Apple Strudel Bites

for the filling:
1 apple
2 tbsp lemon juice
a dash of cinnamon
a dash of cardamom
a pinch of nutmeg
if needed: a few tsp water

5 rice paper sheets (15 cm or 5.9 inch)
room temp water, enough to fill a big deep dish plate
lil bit of sunflower seed oil for frying

for the sauce:
1 tbsp cashew butter
¼ tsp cinnamon
a pinch of salt
1 tsp liquid sweetener
2-3 tbsp non dairy milk

→ yields 5 bites; serves 1 i think


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Much love, Mina

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