New Brand Identity Launched for Guatemalan Coffees

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The new Guatemalan Coffees logo. All images courtesy of Anacafé.

The national coffee association of Guatemala Anacafé has launched a new brand identity for Guatemalan Coffees, featuring a jaguar logo, vertically vibrant typography and a series of colorful advertising pieces.

Designed to appeal to international buyers and support the work of the approximately 125,000 coffee-farming families supported by the association, the new national brand was unveiled at the 2021 SCA Expo this past weekend in New Orleans.

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“This strategy was born from the search for an alternative to improve the income of Guatemalan coffee producers, and also of everyone who is part of the entire coffee supply chain in the country,” Anacafé President Juan Luis Barrios said in an announcement of the new brand. “We plan to increase the demand of Guatemalan coffees in a sustainable and long-term way.”

The Guatemalan Coffees brand was created 25 years ago, while separate coffee-growing regions within Guatemala are marketed as sub brands. In the announcement, Barrios suggested the new national brand is in part designed to appeal directly to coffee consumers.

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Referencing the Balam in Mayan culture, the jaguar logo is intended to symbolize life, strength and power. With letters of various heights and natural shapes, the typography of the Guatemalan Coffees name and the regional brands is designed to reflect the different topography, microclimates and other unique conditions found in the 240 Guatemalan municipalities that grow coffee.

Meanwhile, a series of introductory advertising pieces feature bright, contrast-heavy illustrations from Guatemalan artist Luis Fernando Izquierdo.

According to Anacafé’s data for the coffee year 2020/21 ending Sept. 8, Guatemala exported 3.39 million 60-kilogram bags of coffee, an 11.51% increase over the previous year.

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Approximately 97% of Guatemalan coffee farmers are small-scale producers. According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS), at least 93 percent of Guatemalan coffees are grown under shade, promoting sustainable agroforestry systems.

Earlier this year, Anacafé launched the ‘One of a Kind Guatemala’ coffee auction program to promote some of the country’s finest traceable coffee microlots.

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