Campfire Coffee ~ Cold Process Soap Making tutorial with an Impression Mat ~ Fire/Flames Autumn DIY

I couldn’t be happier with the way the design came together! The contrast of the searing flame against the deep charcoal background and topped with glossy roasted coffee beans draws you in to experience all the vastly different textures of the soap and gives off cozy camping vibes.

It also looks a cozy hearth, fireplace or a bonfire with the roasted coffee beans surrounding it like and giving the impression of stones. I sprayed the top with rubbing alcohol to emphasize these immediately after unmolding, as I have found that this gives it a glossy shine that actually stays. If you wait a bit to spray, the effect doesn’t last as well and the soap can also develop soda ash on it.

Campfire Coffee is a delightful mix of mocha, freshly brewed over a wood fire (and thus lending in a smokiness with its rich base of amber and musk), topped with sugared vanilla cream. It’s a unique blend for sure, as the sweetness rounds out into a woodsy blend of leather, cedar, and sandalwood.

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SUPPLIES that I used (some are affiliate links):

Mold compatible with these stencils and similar to the one that I used:




FIRST LAYER (blend of the following):

* Mocha brown
Mocha Brown Mica
* Full throttle
Full Throttle Mica Blend
* Angry Rose
Angry Rose Mica


* Activated charcoal
Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder


* Trial by Fire
Trial by Fire Red Mica Blend

FOURTH LAYER (blend of the following):

* Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise Orange Mica
* Flotation Device
Flotation Device Neon Orange Pigment

FIFTH LAYER (blend of the following):

* Full throttle
Full Throttle Mica Blend
* Titanium dioxide
Titanium Dioxide


* Titanium dioxide
Titanium Dioxide



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