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Sorting green coffee beans might not be something home coffee roasters think about but it could improve your cup! We have enough challenges getting that perfect “golden roast” so why not use a fast and easy way to improve the taste of your coffee? Sorting through your coffee and looking for defects, extreme bean size differences, insect damage and items that don’t belong in your coffee is an important step to achieve consistent bean coloring and avoid flavor defects before you even roast your coffee!
Do you sort your coffee greens before you roast coffee? What types of things have you found in your fresh greens other than coffee?
See the green coffee sizing chart here:

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Video Timeline
0:00 Why we should sort green coffee beans
1:10 We sort green coffee to have consistent size beans
2:11 Specialty Coffee size grading chart
3:49 We sort green coffee to remove insect damaged and defective beans,l sticks and stones
7:53 Sorting green coffee beans tells a home roaster a little about the source we are ordering our coffee from
9:46 We sort green coffee to learn more about the coffee before we roast it
13:00 Sorting green coffee is an excuse to drink some great coffee and eat a cookie while sorting!

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If your looking for a decent everyday coffee to get started roasting coffee at home, consider this 3 LB Nicaragua fresh green coffee beans (Amazon’s Choice) –

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I roast coffee on my Mill City 500 gram commercial coffee roaster every week. I also use a Behmor and a hot air popcorn popper to roast some great coffee. Join me as we roast, brew and cup coffee every week at home.

Do you roast coffee at home? Do you craft single serve coffee and if so, what brewing method do you like? Please share your comments and be sure to like this video!

About Me:
I am a coffee enthusiast who roasts coffee from home on my sample size commercial drum coffee roaster. Coffee has been in my life for over 40 years, whether I was selling it or roasting it, I want to share my passion with you.

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