The oldest Coffee Cocktail? How to make a delicious Coffee House Cocktail

Coffee Drinks
Potentially the oldest coffee cocktail, the Coffee House didn’t originally use coffee liqueur but has had a modern reimagining as a sophisticated stirred down sipper. Kind of like an Old Fashioned but with a caffeinated kick.

This is an extended look at the drink we made for our collaboration with Mr Black Coffee Liqueur. Here we’ll take a deeper look at its origins, what products to use and do some tasting notes at the end!

40ml rye whiskey
20ml (2/3oz) coffee liqueur (Mr Black is less sweet so works really well here).
2 dash orange bitters
2 dash Mr Bitters macadamia and cacao bitters
Orange twist to garnish

0:00 – Introduction & endorsement disclaimer
0:14 – History
1:10 – Ingredients, products & specs chat
2:04 – Garnish prep & make
3:37 – Tasting & comments
4:36 – Specs


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